Showcase Seymour: What is It?


Lucy Horton, 2020 Showcase Winner

Claire Combs, Staff Writer

In 2018, Showcase Seymour was created with hopes of showcasing the vast array of talent at Seymour High School. Mr. Rose, founder of the Showcase, went into depth about the concept of Showcase Seymour and why it was started.

What many students wonder when they hear about Showcase Seymour is what is it? 

This art contest is “an opportunity for students to display [and explore] their talents that a regular classroom doesn’t tap into.” Once the Showcase has been announced along with its theme, this year’s being “Moving On,” students in grade 9-12 can decide what kind of art they want to enter into this showcase, whether that be writing, 2D art, 3D art, video art, performance, or original music. From there, submissions must be given to the students’ English teacher before Christmas break. Once all the submissions have been received, a small committee works to choose a winner.

Although this is a fun, easy-going contest for students of all kinds, Mr Rose has expressed that “It’s very difficult to get students to participate. I know we have people with talent, but I don’t [understand] why they are reluctant to get involved.” He says that it was created because of the number of his students that had wonderful talents, but didn’t have a way to share them with others. “This was an opportunity to give those students who had [talents] a chance to shine.” 

Even though this is a competition between students, Mr Rose has stated that “It’s more about creativity and imagination than winning.”

Past Winners

2019 – Andrew Dickmeyer (video art)

2020 – Lucy Horton (original song)

2021 – 1. Brook Knieriem (poetry) 2. Audrey Newkirk (2D art)

Past Themes

2019 – Community

2020 – Connection

2021 – Slice of Life

2022 – Moving On