Balance of Power-2022


Harrison Wetzel, Staff Writer

Although it seems like it was just yesterday, we are officially halfway through incumbent Biden’s term, and with that comes the midterms. All elections should be treated the same, but typically the midterms aren’t as valued. But, as a result of the polarizing split between the two sides of our nation, going to the polls has never been more prominent.

The basis of what the midterms are, on the federal side of things, is that all members of The House of Representatives, and 1/3 of The Senate are all up for reelection. On a state basis, 36 of the 50 governors are up for reelection, with many local positions up for grabs.

Currently, Democrats have a 220 to 212 lead in the House of Representatives, with a 50/50 tie in the senate. However, since the tie-breaker goes to Vice-President Kamala Harris, Democrats technically have control. This election will prove to be very important for Republicans aiming to get control back of Congress and accomplish some of their agenda, which has been blocked for two years. In current polls, Republicans are favored to win the house, whilst Democrats are favored to win The Senate. But if the 2016 election taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen.

As the results have been finalized Democrats have held control of the senate 51-48, with the one Georgia runoff to be decided December, 6th. As for the house of reps, republicans have won control back of the house 220-213. With only two seats left for grabs. The political balance of our country, will mostly stay the same. In a light hearted note, with the almost 50/50 split in congress bipartisan will become easier to accomplish. But first we must all remember, democrat-republican alike, we’re all Americans first.