Interviewing Small Businesses at Horror Palooza Weekend


Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Horror Palooza Weekend commenced at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and I had the opportunity to speak with small business owners from near and far. Horror Palooza is an event designed to bring horror fans from around the world to shop at vendor booths, chat with horror-related celebrities, and potentially tour the sanatorium.
The Mirrored Soul is an up-and-coming small business that originated in Indiana. They sell oddities, Pagan/Wiccan supplies, and anything with a spooky factor to it. Horror Palooza was the first venue for The Mirrored Soul to have its first show. Upon asking the owner, Jeana Sorg, what her inspiration was for starting a business, she replied, “I’ve always wanted to have a business, originally I wanted to own a haunted bed and breakfast, but for now, I’m focused on selling primarily online.” When asking Jeana what she thought of her first show, she replied, “Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I believe that I’ve been doing decently well for my first time.” We discussed the importance of small businesses and their contribution to creating an opportunity for local artisans to do what they love. “You know, small businesses just have a wider variety of unique and eclectic items that you can’t find in a big corporation,” she noted. Jeana also focused on the importance of artisans, and handmade items. Jeana, along with a dozen of other vendors, brought a wide range of eccentric product for tourists to consider buying. It’s no secret that many small businesses saw a deterrent in sales with the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, most small businesses are rebuilding their inventories, redirecting sales, and rebuilding after the pandemic.
The event lasted from Friday to Sunday, and many horror fans and paranormal enthusiasts, including myself, took advantage of the opportunity for ten dollar tours of Waverly. Hosting Horror Palooza at the sanatorium truly added that element of terror to the event. Additionally, it created the opportunity for vendors and celebrities to interact with tourists.