Varsity Chorale’s The Little Mermaid was a huge hit


Claire Combs, Staff Writer

Varsity Chorale’s The Little Mermaid musical opened its four day run on Thursday, November 10th. With great attendance from the community, it was a huge success. In fact, this show outsold all previous musicals. 

The cast of The Little Mermaid delivered a fantastic performance. Liza Stuckwisch was tasked with playing Ariel. With the perfect facial expressions and acting, it was almost like she was a Disney princess herself. On the other end of the spectrum, Carly Kaiser stole the show with her portrayal of the famous sea witch, Ursula. It was a classy upgrade to the voluptuous Disney version.

Another actor who had a great night was the main male lead, Prince Eric, played by Leonel Jimenez. “It’s truly a privilege,” he said, “I’m so grateful that I was given such an important role. Although at the beginning I was hesitant about portraying a romantic character, I learned how to embrace Prince Eric and become him with the help of many people.” He also added that it has been such a fun process, and this show will be an experience he never forgets. 

Not only did Leonel truly embrace his character, but so did secondary male lead, Dametreous Collins. His enactment of Sebastian was great. Not only was his performance enhanced with a perfect costume and hilarious facial expressions, but also the perfectly replicated accent truly made it memorable.

Some honorable mentions of other actors who also did phenomenal are Katya Cox, Grace Lewis, Ethan Crane, the ladies who played the Mer-sisters, the eels, Josh Rennekamp, and Carter Wiesman. The ensemble casts also added a great deal of presence on stage. During the matinees, understudy casts successfully performed many of the lead roles. The talent runs deep in the SHS choral and instrumental departments.

In addition to the stage actors, many students built and moved sets, performed the orchestrations, and advertised the show from Mrs. Jones’ marketing class. Overall, it took a team effort that paid off with great success.