Is Mac n’ Cheese a Thanksgiving Food?


Claire Combs, Staff Writer

A long time debate at school has been ‘Is Mac n’ Cheese a Thanksgiving Food?’ Responses have varied as far as ‘It is an all around year food’ to ‘No, it’s only a Christmas food.’ Personally, I could see it from both sides, but my overarching opinion is that certain types of Mac n’ Cheese are for certain holidays. 

For Thanksgiving, I feel like baked Mac n’ Cheese is more appropriate for the occasion. Supporters of plain Mac n’ Cheese may argue with me, saying that the regular dish is more fitting, but I disagree. The combined textures of the layers in the dish create a great contrast between the other typical foods you see at a Thanksgiving dinner. This holiday is almost all about the food, meaning it has to be great tasting, which baked Mac n’ Cheese is as I feel it goes the extra mile that regular Mac n’ Cheese doesn’t. The people interviewed about their opinion agreed with my statement, saying that growing up, baked Mac n’ Cheese has always been reserved for Thanksgiving while the regular kind was for all other holidays.

On the other hand, regular Mac n’ Cheese is for Christmas and other holidays around the year. Christmas and Fourth of July, for example, are holidays that have a different focal points besides the food, whereas Thanksgiving is a food focused holiday. Another holiday that has a mandatory regular Mac n’ Cheese is Easter.

So, what’s your opinion on Mac n’ Cheese? Is it for Thanksgiving at all or is it just for other holidays? Give the staff your opinion by filling out this Google Form.