Idaho Murders and what we think about it

Idaho Murders and what we think about it

Katie Cottrill, Lucy Williams, and Emma Braman, Staff Writer

Before we share our opinions on the gruesome stabbing that took place on the outskirts of the University of Idaho campus, you might need a run down of what’s happened. Here’s what we know so far:

In the early morning of November 13, 2022, four Idaho students were murdered. On the night of November 12th, Madison Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin had gone out for a party. Xana and Ethan were dating at the time and went to a Sigma Chi fraternity to party, and Madison and Kaylee went to the Corner Club bar for the night. Xana and Ethan had gotten back to the house at around 1:45 a.m, while Madison and Kaylee stopped at a food truck before going back to their house at 1:30 a.m. Between 2:26 and 2:52 a.m phone logs show that seven unanswered phone calls were placed from Kaylee’s phone. Then calls were made to Kaylee’s ex boyfriend which then were declined because he was sleeping. He has refused to talk about the case and was ruled out as a suspect. 

Investigators said that the victims were killed early Sunday morning, but have not specified a time. They suspect that all four were probably asleep at the time of the attack and some too intoxicated to even realize what was going on. Some victims show combative marks from trying to fight back, meaning some victims were more aware than others. None of the victims showed any signs of sexual assault. They were all said to be stabbed multiple times with a large knife. Two other females were in the house at the time of the murder and were not attacked. They say that they didn’t hear anything at the time of the murder and woke up the next morning to their doors being locked.

The layout of the house is the ground floor had no bedrooms on it but was the base part of the house, the second floor had two rooms with Xana and Ethan in one room and one other roommate in the next. The third floor had Kaylee and Madison in one room and the last roommate in the next room. It had been speculated that the students never locked their outside doors because they would throw parties regularly at their apartment while people came and went from the party as they wished. 

No one has been arrested or accused of the murders yet, but there were a few that have been ruled out. A man that was seen with Kaylee and Madison that night, the man who gave the girls a ride back home, the two surviving roommates who were in the house at the time, the friends who were called to the house the next morning, the former boyfriend of one of the victims, and the victims themselves. The police have left open the possibility that there might have been more than one perpetrator and had been contacting local businesses to see if anyone had bought a knife recently. 

This brings us to our personal opinions on the case. We believe that this murder was done out of pure angst. Mental illness could have a serious play in this killer’s actions. None of this case seems to make much sense. Why would a serial killer spare 2 females on the same floors as the other killed students? No one in their right mind would do such a thing, right? So, maybe that’s the answer. Maybe this guy isn’t in his right mind. Maybe he’s absolutely crazy. We think there has to be more than one murderer, because how could one human being have the energy to stab so many people so severely- and not stop in exhaustion? One last speculation that we have is that the two roommates still have something to do with this murder even though they had been ruled out as suspects. If they were right next to the rooms then why couldn’t they have heard anything happening. We think that they would have known who it was and surely could’ve let them in the house.   The answers to this case remain lost, but speculations can surely arise. Maybe one day the truth will be revealed.