World Cup youngsters


Donovan Delgadillo, Staff Writer

During the World Cup some youngsters emerge as breakout stars in the biggest sporting event in the world. Some of those stars include England’s Jude Bellhingham, France’s Aurélien Tchouaméni, Argentina’s Julián Álvarez.

Jude Bellingham is considered England’s star midfielder for the World Cup, with a 7.64 match rating out of 10 and 1 man of the match as a 19 year old youngster. France’s Aurélien Tchouaméni is also one of their 3 top midfielders, he has 1 goal and a 7.51 match rating, who has stepped up for the France roster because of multiple injuries and he has been delivering perfectly in the midfield. Julián Álvarez shocked the world by becoming the third highest goal scorer in the whole tournament, ahead of Neymar, Ronaldo, Giroud, and Harry Kane.

Sophomore Thai Daraswad, Varsity Midfielder says, “The World Cup has been fun to watch as many players and nations have made names for themselves in this tournament, and come 2026 USA will not only be hosting but be more experienced as a team.” Thai has high hopes for the U.S. for the 2026 World Cup as the youngsters now will be more prepared and developed for their next run.