Brees is a star, Cubs won’t spend, and the Colts need a rebuild

Dylan Dunn, Staff Writer

Drew Brees was a star player

It doesn’t matter if you watch football or not, you know Drew Brees. I was on TikTok, scrolling and saw a comment that really sparked my interest. The implied meaning was that Drew Brees is not a star player because he did not win a Most Valuable Player, MVP, award. Peyton Manning was considered a star. Why? He has multiple MVPs. But, he has worse stats. Brees is arguably one of the best quarterbacks of all time. 

Brees, who had a 19 year career, was 67.7% complete on all of his passes, threw for over 80,000 yards, with about 570 touchdown passes, and a 98.7 passer rating. Most of those stats are only second to Tom Brady. Manning on the other hand had 65.3% completion, almost 72,000 yards, 539 touchdown passes, and a 96.5 passer rating. The difference? Manning has five MVPs. Drew Brees was a star in NFL history. 

Purdue announced Thursday that Brees will join the Purdue coaching staff as an assistant on January 2 in the Cheez-It Citrus Bowl against LSU. He will always be a star for the Purdue fan base.

Cubs need to spend money in the offseason

Being a Cubs fan, we always hear that we will be spending money in the offseason. You know what they’ve done every single offseason? They haven’t spent. Sure, we’ve spent $68 million dollars on a pitcher, but lost more than we’ve gained. We’ve lost the heart and soul of the team, Willson Contreras.

You can’t be in talks with all of these players and do nothing about it. Trea Turner, Xander Bogaerts, Carlos Correa are all players we’ve talked with. None of them have put pen to paper with the Cubs because we just won’t make a decent offer. 

The Cubs need to do something this offseason. We can’t just let our best player walk away and only get a pitcher in return. We can change our lineup, our season, and record if we just sign Dansby Swanson. It doesn’t have to be Swanson, but just a decent infielder. And we’re in this mess because we just won’t spend any money. 

Colts need a rebuild

Every single Colts fan knew how our season would go when we tied with the Houston Texans, currently the worst team in the league, in the first game of the season. We all knew where it was going when Matt Ryan, who is past his prime, whenever we traded for him. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Wesley French and Will Fries line up on the line, but I love it more when our quarterback isn’t getting sacked. Ryan is the fourth most sacked quarterback in the league with 35. Sure our defense isn’t helping with all their injuries either. Our consistency is an issue as well. I don’t understand how we can beat one of the best teams in the AFC with the Chiefs and then lose to the Jaguars. The Colts need a serious change.