College Campus Excursional

Megan Smith, Staff Writer

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Exploring dorms, checking out where to eat lunch, and getting a feel for college life is just a part of what goes on during college visits. Students here at Seymour High School have the opportunity as Juniors and Seniors to sign up in the office to visit colleges here in Indiana. Counselor Nikki Storey had some information to share about what happens during college visits:


Q:How many college visits are students allowed to go on? Who is allowed to go?

A:Students are technically allowed to go to two visits per school year. If the student does not abuse the right to go on the visits, has good attendance, and gets the right forms filled out they will most likely be able to go on more than two visits. If a Sophomore or Freshman wanted to attend a visit they would need to have a very good reason why.


Q:What kind of information gets to the students during these visits?

A:Students have the opportunity to get a feel for campus life. Sometimes during visits they may be allowed to sit in on a class, explore dorms, see where to eat lunch, and even ask professors questions. Visits can be in big groups or they can be set up for a singular person and their parents.


Q:What benefits do students gain from going on college visits?

A:The biggest benefit would probably be that they get a feel for campus life. They can also decide if they feel comfortable with where the campus is located. Some colleges are in big cities with lots of people, some colleges are medium sized and have a homey feel with a comfortable not too busy outer campus life, and some are very small and located in small towns.


Q:Do you have any recommendations for students when selecting which colleges to visit?

A:Visit colleges you are strongly considering. Do research, it is pretty important when visiting and learning about your choice because it could cost more money than what you budgeted to attend the college you are interested in. Also, do not just visit colleges inside of the state. Explore outside of Indiana if that is what you are interested in.


Q:Any further commentary on the subject?

A:Make sure to fill out the forms required for the visits. Two forms are needed, one form will be signed by the student’s assigned counselor and parents and will also make the day an excused absence. The second form will stay with the students and be signed by the college rep to assure that they were on campus the day the visit took place. If the student forgets to fill out the form their absence will not be excused.


The counselors will be happy to sign students forms so they can reach their full potential by visiting the college of their choice, if inside the state. Students can sign up outside of the counselors offices. Happy college visiting!