Early Super Bowl Predictions

Early Super Bowl Predictions

Dylan Dunn, Staff Writer

I don’t know who decided to spend some time and watch the NFL playoffs, but if you did, you were in for some thrillers. More specifically the Jacksonville Jaguars 27 point comeback on the Los Angeles Chargers. It was 27-7 at the start of halftime. That’s not the point, however, the point is to guess who we will see in Super Bowl LVII.

I had almost predicted the Wild Card perfectly. I had the Jaguars beating the Chargers, the Cincinnati Bengals beating the Baltimore Ravens, the Buffalo Bills beating the Miami Dolphins, the Dallas Cowboys beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the San Francisco 49ers beating the Seattle Seahawks. The only place I went wrong was when I predicted the Minnesota Vikings would beat the New York Giants.

Since, we have our divisional round games set, here it goes. The Kansas City Chiefs are taking on the Jaguars, which the Chiefs will win 34-17. The Bengals are set to take on the Bills, which the Bills will win by the skin of their teeth, 24-21. The Philadelphia Eagles will take a loss to the Giants, 31-24. The final game of the divisional round will see the Cowboys take a loss to the 49ers, 34-31. 

The conference championship will see a battle for the ages. The Bills will take on, and get their revenge, on the Chiefs by a score of 28-24. The next game will see the 49ers beat the Giants 42-28. 

That leads us to Super Bowl 57, which will see the Bills beat the 49ers by a score of 35-21. The Bills will win their first ever Lombardi Trophy. After the whole Damar Hamlin situation, bringing a Lombardi to Buffalo will be something special.