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Are Goblins Real: A Case Study

Goblin Mode

Apollo Ollmann, Staff Writer

Goblins are small creatures that are usually mischievous in nature. They are generally green or brown in color and usually wear ragged clothing. Many people are not willing to believe in goblins, saying that they are make-believe. I, on the other hand, believe that goblins are a very real possibility.

To figure out what the Seymour High School populace and my family thought, I asked the quintessential question. Many of them said they didn’t believe in goblins. My dad said, “I think they are fantasy and only for books.” There were a couple of lone believers though. The student Elijah Manns said, “Of course goblins are real, have you seen the local Seymour populace lately.” While that is a hilarious comment, he couldn’t be further from the truth.

At first, I didn’t really believe in goblins. I thought they were only for books and movies. One day I stumbled upon a video that changed my whole perspective. The video “Dunkey Reacts to Unexplained Goblin Sightings.” YouTube, uploaded by Dunk Tank, really made me think about this topic. Many goblins that were featured in the video seemed fake, but I could tell when there was a real goblin. Such goblins like the Sideways Moving Goblin and the Small Running Goblin really convinced me that goblins were real.

Whether or not you believe in goblins, you can admit that some of the sightings in this video are very mysterious. While I believe that goblins are real, you don’t exactly have to. I really have a hard time believing that you won’t believe in goblins after reading this article. You never know, maybe your little baby brother or sister is a goblin and you just haven’t found out.