Shelbyville, Indiana: an Alleged Paranormal Hotspot

Shelbyville, Indiana: an Alleged Paranormal Hotspot

Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

“It is twilight zone worthy!” commenter Mike Daffron remarked about his trip to the electric bridge in Shelbyville, Indiana. Built in 1974, the bridge lies several miles outside of Shelbyville, bringing about paranormal rumors due to its odd nature.
The bridge’s initial purpose was to carry electricity between Shelbyville and Morristown in the 1980s. According to Bridge Hunter, “massive power lines carrying 345,000 volts were installed near the bridge in the late 1980s.” The bridge is often reported to make the hairs on the back of anyone’s neck stand up due to its abundance of electricity.
In the early 2000s, the bridge was a well-known meeting place for teenagers, and rumors about it hauntings were quick to circulate. Many found that lightbulbs would mysteriously light up with no connecting source to power them. Later on, this phenomenon was explained by the electricity in the bridge, but it’s no surprise that many visitors connected this to paranormal activity. Locals advise never to turn your car off while on the bridge because it may not get started back up again.
Many began to report an alleged troll that lives under the bridge, and some even warn not to disturb the creature. The Electric Bridge has been a source of entertainment for visitors despite most of the legends being dismissed with scientific backing. However, Shelbyville isn’t just known for its trolls, rumors about werewolf sightings have been common as well.

Werewolf Hollow:

What truly happens deep in the woods during a full moon in Shelbyville? According to both locals and visitors, werewolf sightings are not unheard of in the small town. An area in the country has even been designated as a werewolf hotspot, nicknamed “Werewolf Hollow.” Legend has it that a ghostly figure will try to stop anyone from entering the hollow, leaving scratches on cars. In a paranormal discussion forum, a user states, “there are some abandoned houses and if you get out of your car (if you dare) and go up to the houses, you can see a ghost in one window.” Multiple legends surrounding this rumor of werewolf sightings has piqued the curiosity of paranormal investigators everywhere.


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