Madison’s Bone-chilling Broadway Hotel & Tavern

Madisons Bone-chilling Broadway Hotel & Tavern

Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

Madison, Indiana is home to an abundance of historical landmarks, some of which are still open and in use to the public today. The Broadway Hotel and Tavern have been up and running since 1834, and the location is a hotspot for both locals and tourists alike.
Considered to be one of the oldest taverns in Indiana, Broadway Hotel and Tavern has been accommodating guests for nearly two centuries. According to the hotel’s official website, “the Historic Broadway Hotel & Tavern is man’s refuge from the cares of the world.” Apparently, in the 1800s, the building served as a “stop along the way,” a quick moment of relaxation before moving on to the next destination. The location has been known throughout history for its hospitality, and that is something owners are working to preserve today.
Given the hotel and tavern’s age, events occurring throughout the years have left many speculating about potential hauntings on the lot. Rumors about a restless prisoner that was supposedly shot on the grounds have circulated on most paranormal websites, however, finding historical documentation of this event online was unsuccessful. There is also rumored to be a woman that roams the hotel’s halls at night while crying, stirring guests awake in their sleep. Many visitors report strange occurrences in both the hotel and tavern and most stories include the stereotypical hallmarks of activity.

Whether or not the hotel and tavern are teeming with spirits, it remains a well-preserved historical attraction that adds character to the small, river-side town of Madison.


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Indiana’s Oldest Tavern In The Historic Broadway Hotel Is A Haunted Gem Worth Seeking Out

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