Cocaine Bear Movie Review


Landon Jones, Feature

The wait is finally over and Cocaine Bear has finally arrived! This infamous movie hit the theaters February 24 of this year and does it live up to its hype? Short answer, YES! But let me explain my reasoning for it. 

If you have kept up with my stories you will know that I covered the true story of this bear or Pablo Escobear. Go check that out if you want to learn the true story before you see the movie. The movie starts with Andrew C. Thornton II dumping the cocaine by himself and while doing so hit his head jumping out and his parachute failed to save him. The setting is switched to a couple hiking through the mountains of Georgia where they come into contact with Cocaine bear. We then switch to the fictional characters made up for the story that were working with Thorton. We are introduced to Daveed and Syd who both work in the drug trade and need to retrieve the cocaine that was dumped due to Thorton dying. 

Syd sends Daveed to retrieve it with his son Eddie who quit the business after marrying but due to his wife dying he is thrown back in. We are then introduced to more characters: A mother who is always working named Keri and her daughter who is somewhat distant with her Dee Dee. Keri has to tell her daughter that they have to cancel painting the waterfall that day and instead hang out with a guy that she is seeing. Dee Dee replies by saying, ¨You always do this mom.¨ After Keri leaves Dee Dee calls her friend Henry to skip school and paint the waterfalls with her. 

Soon after her mom comes home and gets a phone call from the school and has to go out and look for her. While on the trail Dee Dee and Henry stumble upon the cocaine that was dropped off and even find signs that someone or something has gotten into it. What happens next? You have to watch Cocaine Bear for yourself and find out. 

I find this movie entertaining and even has a good story and very little cheesiness to my surprise. It wasn’t rushed or just jokes that a lot of movies have now. While most of this was made up, it was still a good watch with friends. I found myself invested with the characters and the story about a bear on cocaine. Sounds stupid and maybe it is, but it was really good to me and I would definitely give this a 3.5/5 of cheesy and 9.5/10 in total!