Katie Cottrill’s Pop Showcase Solo


Lucy Williams, Staff Writer

The Pop Showcase is a time for SHS choir students to go on stage and show off all that they’ve got. This year, Sophomore Katie Cottrill hopes to wow the crowd with her solo, “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith.

“I’m very nervous,” says Katie. “I’m scared because this is my first solo, or at least the first solo that I’m doing in front of a big crowd.”

On February 18th, Cottrill performed in the State Solo and Ensemble festival at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis. She sang “Wade in de Water,” and managed to earn a gold.

Katie Cottrill continued, “I think I’ll be okay. The nerves come in waves. They just like to come and go.”

Katie has an extensive background in music. She says, “In kindergarten, I learned how to play the piano. Then, in sixth grade, I learned how to play the trombone. I’ve been playing it ever since.”

Kevin Cottrill, Katie’s father, is the band director at Seymour High School. “My dad started playing instruments in middle school. He started with the baritone. In college, he played at Indiana University and played the tuba. He was in the Jacobs School of Music,” says Katie.

Katie also shared, “My mom, Laura Cottrill, started singing in middle school, and then she got leads during her high school singing career. She went to Purdue University and sang with the Purduettes.”

Evidently, the love for music is genetic!

The Showcase starts at 7 P.M., and will include all types of new, fun, and exciting tunes. Come by and say hey!