The Backroads Spring Fling Market: Interviewing a Vendor


Kayla Moriarty, Staff Writer

Spring may bring daffodils, storms, and pleasant weather for some, but it also brings opportunities for small businesses to flourish. The season brings an abundance of craft shows, art shows, and festivals which are optimal opportunities for small businesses to become well-known and financially successful. 

Indiana is known for its many festivals from Spring to Fall, and the Backroads Spring Fling Market in the Bedford area is going to begin operating in April. When speaking with Jeana Sorg of The Mirrored Soul about the upcoming event she said, “The event is basically a way to connect with new customers and bring your spring line to market.” Jeana, along with several other vendors, are looking forward to setting up at the Backroads Festival in April. The Mirrored Soul will be selling a variety of vintage Spring related items, along with products like terrariums. When asked what she is looking forward to the most, Jeana replied, “I’m looking forward to meeting new people and doing a different kind of show for me, a craft fair.” I asked Jeana what the festival might look like for visitors, and she explained further, “The event lasts for two days, they are having music and an Easter bunny to appeal to young crowds.” Many Hoosiers are excited about welcoming the Spring season by going to festivals. 

The festival will be at the Lawrence County Fairgrounds on April 7th from 4-8pm, and on April 8th from 9-3 pm. Admission will be $3.

Getting insight as to what it takes to be an ambitious small business is always intriguing from an outside perspective. It’s important to support local vendors and artists, and recognize their talents.