Who’s state?


Harrison Wetzel, Staff Writer

Indiana vs Purdue. A rivalry as old as time. Either cream and crimson, or black and gold bleeds through many Hoosiers. Although, football has its moments between the rivalry, nothing can compare to the game played on the hardwood.

Let’s put the championships aside, and focus on the games between the two. The Hoosiers are emerging from a dark age to put it lightly. Six straight years without a tournament appearance, the circus show of Archie Miller, and a lackluster roster year in and year out. But, Mike Woodson, and his suit have reinvigorated what it’s meant to play for IU. Over the course of his two short years, Woodson has toppled the Boilermakers with a 3-1 record. Along with a tournament appearance, two big ten tourney wins, and by technicality a March Madness win (the first four counts).

Let’s switch gears to the Boilermakers. Since 2012, it’s not put lightly that Matt Painter has created a gigantic culture in West Lafayette. The Boilermakers have made the tournament 9 times, since 12′ (2013, and 2020* being the years they missed). Purdue also has the victories over Indiana since the last ten years have occurred, with a record of 13-6. Purdue superfan Ty Tormoehlen has also remarked on the rivalry, with “Sure, you can count championships, although 36 years ago is quite a while for anyone that attends this school to brag.” He also sarcastically remarked “Let’s not forget one of those championships was before WWII ended, and another one was before the moon landing. But I guess we can count them.”

Now, since I’m writing in the first person it should loudly be noted I am an IU fan, and it wrecks me to have to gleefully write about the team up north. Although, I do believe I can come to a conclusion. The argument will never go away, it will always last. But I must point out two key factors, a. Which of the teams is named after the actual state?, and b. What are Indiana residents called?

Go Hoosiers!