Class of 2023: Post-Graduation Destinations


Caley Monnier and Elizabeth Rust

With the end of this school year just around the corner, the graduating class are currently formulating their plans for after high school. We sent out a survey to ask our seniors what these plans are.

Out of the seniors that responded to the poll, 88% plan to go to a college or university, 5% are going into the military, 2% are going to trade school, and 5% have decided to go straight into the workforce. Many students also reported the choice to take a gap year before college in order to save money for higher education.

Of the students planning to go to college, about 10% are planning on going out of state, leaving the remaining 90% in state. A majority of those staying in state are attending Indiana University, while the largest percentage of out of state students are attending the University of Kentucky.

Our college-bound students represent a diverse variety of planned majors. Over 30% of these students are majoring in a health or physical science related field, including pre-medical track students. The second largest major represented by these students is education, with 14% of respondents planning to pursue this major. Many students also wish to declare a business-related major, with over 10% of respondents choosing business as their desired major.

Regarding the students choosing other pathways after high school, many have decided to serve in the military, and others plan to get other certifications. Some respondents will be going to beauty school, and others are going to trade schools.

Whatever the future of these seniors may be, they will be bright and promising ones. The Owl wishes best of luck to our current senior class in all of their future endeavors.