The future of women’s basketball

Dylan Dunn, Staff Writer

The South Carolina women’s basketball team is one of the best college basketball teams we’ve seen since 2000, only behind UConn. However, South Carolina has shown up every single game. 

The most anticipated game of the season had to be the number three ranked LSU Tigers at the undefeated South Carolina Lady Gamecocks. The result of that? A dominant 24 point win for South Carolina. South Carolina has had a few close calls with decent teams, such as UCLA, Stanford, UConn, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State. Other than that, all of the wins have been by double digits. If that’s not dominance, I don’t know what is.  

Being 32-0, winning the SEC tournament, and probably having the number one seed in the NCAA tournament. That is dominance all the way through. Without a doubt in anyone’s mind who has watched South Carolina play, knows that they are the future of women’s basketball.