Academic Convo 2023

Academic Convo 2023

With spring break coming up next week, so is Academic Convo. We interviewed Mrs. Stepanick, one of the teachers involved with the convocation. 

“Academic Convo is a presentation by students, for students. Most of the skits are funny and tend to satirize the student experience of Seymour High School. Some skits are about teachers, others about student life, some are about what students do outside of school,” says science teacher, Mrs. Stepanick. 

Stepanick has worked at SHS for two years now. Last year, she attended the program. This year, however, the teacher gets the opportunity to help to organize the event and all of the fun showcases involved. 

If you’d like to participate or come to watch, you better be sure you meet these requirements:

  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • zero unexcused absences
  • zero discipline referrals (ISS, Wednesday School, or Suspensions)

The event will be held on March 17 in the auditorium. The event will be held at 9:00 that morning, and students will be dismissed from their first period class. We hope to see you there!