What IS Saint Patrick’s day, really?

What IS Saint Patricks day, really?

Lucy Williams, Staff Writer

March 17th- the day of green shirts, red-haired people, leprechauns, and of course, Irish traditions! We all know what Saint Patrick’s day is, right? Or maybe we don’t.

The fabulous day began originally on March 17th of 1631, when the church in Ireland established a feast day in honor of Saint Patrick- a Patron Saint of Ireland, who had died around the fifth century. Saint Patrick was a renowned missionary, responsible for bringing Christianity to various parts of Ireland. On March 17th of A.D 465, the famous lad died of old age.

What’s severely odd, however, is that Saint Patrick was not even Irish!

The fellow was born in Britain near the end of the fourth century. His ethnicity, however, is believed to be of Roman descent.

How funny that we celebrate an Irish holiday for a guy who wasn’t even Irish!