Homecoming Court


Phoebe Hughel and Megan Smith

September 15, 2017 Seymour High School had Homecoming for football. This was a time everyone came together to celebrate another year of football. This is one of the most attended football games of the year. Brownstown won 28 to 14. Even though Seymour lost, there was a lot of support for the team. During halftime, the King and Queen for Homecoming was announced. The King was Sergio Galicia and the Queen was Chloe Hatton. Students voted to nominate and elect the King and Queen. 

Most of the people who got on the court were surprised and not expecting it. Abigail Davis said, “I did not really expect to be on the court. I had a few friends that told me they voted for me but other than that no. I think I’m a friendly face at SHS, and I am in different clubs so I know I lot of people.” Even though only two people won, everyone was still excited they got nominated to be a part of it.

Everyone who was on the court was glowing. Some have been nominated before but others, this is their first time. “I did not think I was going to get nominated for yet another court,” said Senior Paige Feller this year. Tensions did become high while everyone was waiting for the announcement.  Sergio Galicia and Chloe Hatton were both happy when their names were called. 

Even though not everyone who was nominated got to be crowned, they were still a part of SHS’s school’s history.