Getting involved.

Katie Cottrill, Staff Writer

The importance of being a part of something during your high school years is crazy. Being in a couple groups can really change your opinion about high school. As I am in band, choir, golf, swim, student government, and dance marathon you meet a lot of new people and get a lot of experiences.

Throughout my time at SHS so far, being in all these activities has really helped me show my true personality and has helped me find my confidence. With being a two sport athlete, I have grown to different techniques on how to manage my time and make the sport fun. Swim is very time consuming and truly a hard sport to balance with your school and personal life, but it made me better at both those things.

Student Government and Dance Marathon has shown me how to truly become a leader. With helping others and raising money for an awesome cause.

Band and choir have opened my eyes to the musician life and has given me some amazing friends and opportunities to go outside of my comfort zone.

There are many groups that you can join or be a part of. So if you have the chance. Get involved!