How do the students of SHS deal with stress?

How do the students of SHS deal with stress?

Landon Jones

When you are stressed out and don’t know what to do, how do you calm yourself down? We all have different ways to calm ourselves, but what works the best for students of Seymour High School? I had posted a recent survey asking this question and have found my most common answers.

One of the most common answers people had responded to was listening to music to calm their nerves. How does this help us calm down though? The reason maybe is because music influences our moods, for example someone said, “I listen to happy and loud energetic music.” This may affect their mood to be happier and upbeat from the state they were in. Now that’s not to say if we listen to metal we’ll be angry, but it’ll rile us up. 

Exercise or physical activity was another common answer brought up in the survey. Someone said, “By taking a walk outside, or exercising, this helps me a lot.” Many of us pace around when stressed or want to do something active to get our minds off of the subject of stress, but is there another reason? If you want a biological answer to this question then yes there is a reason. It pumps our endorphins or our feel-good nerves in our brains lifting us up. 

Many answered that they just stop and think about what is causing them their stress. Another person said, “Calm down, and think about the best solution. Then push through.” This is a good solution to calm one’s self and figure out if your stress really is as bad as it seems or if you’re just getting into your own head. Many therapists tell their patients to breathe and think reasonably. 

One answer stuck out though and it was people saying they don’t deal with it and they let it get to them. One person said, “do absolutely nothing at all. I’ll just become a complete failure after school.” Many people let themselves get in their heads because they feel they can’t fix anything or do anything to help themselves. If you feel helpless or having a crisis of any kind contact 211, 988, or any number that you may know.