Hats should be allowed in SHS

Hats should be allowed in SHS

Landon Jones

If you know me or know about me you probably know that I wear my beanie all the time. I wear my beanie to be comfortable and because I think it looks good on me for no other reason than it. But it seems to many faculty of SHS that it makes me a danger because I could be hiding something or trying to hide my identity. Why is this the case though?

The main reason why is because of schools being threatened against or attacked. When schools are under lockdown sometimes the people behind it have a hat or large jacket to hide who they are. How good does a hat hide one’s identity from cameras though? Not that good in my opinion, it only covers the top of one’s head and you’re able to see one’s face on camera, especially if it’s a beanie.

Many could argue that they’re a distraction in class and students won’t pay attention. My argument against that is what could we be doing with our hats that will distract us? I get if they are twirling it then you can take it, but what are the chances everyone with hats will do that. Hats are not a distraction most of the time and are only there because they want to wear it.

People also say that they are a disrespectful thing to wear in schools. How are they disrespectful though? I understand if it’s for the moment of silence or the pledge maybe, but what other reasons make this piece of fabric or cloth disrespectful? We have rights to wear what we want and I get if it’s inappropriate but what are the chances someone is that ignorant? 

These are just a few examples of my reasons why we should be able to wear hats. I understand the points against it as well but I will always argue that hats or beanies should be allowed.