Key Club

Key Club is awaiting new members. Please consider joining our club!


Maria Ruiz, Author

Have you ever heard of Key Club at your school? What does this club do? What can you gain from this club? At Seymour High School we offer this wonderful service organization.

What is Key Club?

Key Club International, also called Key Club, is an international service organization for high school students. As a student-led organization, Key Club’s goal is to encourage leadership through serving others within the community. In Key Club we focus on helping others through volunteering: cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. Participating in Key Club in high school looks great on a college resume. Key Club consists of major emphasis committee, membership development committee, program committee, project committee, public relations committee, and social committee. Each committee in the club gives you different tasks and roles.

  • Major Emphasis Committee – Responsible for ensuring that the club supports the Key Club International Major Emphasis Program during each administrative year.
  • Membership Development Committee – To educate and inspire members worldwide, improve the experience of being a member of Key Club International, and focus on engaging the Kiwanis Family.
  • Program Committee –  Responsible for planning speakers and programs at all regular meetings, club inductions, and inter-clubs with Key Club members and presenting programs to other service groups in the school and community.
  • Project Committee – Responsible for formulating worthwhile activities and recommending them to the club’s board of directors.
  • Public Relations Committee – Responsible for informing the public of the Key Club’s activities and goals through the use of articles, photographs, the local newspaper, talks with school officials, radio, television, and Internet.
  • Social Committee – Responsible for the planning of all social activities of the club.

Why Should You Join?

At Seymour High School everyone is welcome to join Key Club. The benefits from Key Club establish friendships and opportunities to give back to society by volunteering. This looks good on college applications, makes you learn a lot of life skills and become a more confident person. You learn a ton of team and leadership skills. It’s a well-recognized organization with a sterling reputation. You also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects, and holding leadership positions at the club.

Our leaders currently for this year are

  • President: Paul‌ ‌B‌ontrager
  • Vice President: Katya Cox
  • Secretary: Maria Morales
  • Treasurer: Katie Deppen
  • Webmaster (Technologically based media): Ashley Darlage
  • Bulletin Editor (print media): Ava Schuler
  • Senior Director: Olivia Shrink
  • Junior Director: Paul Montgomery
  • Sophomore Director: Maria Ruiz
  • Freshman Director: Kylie Grove

Are You Convinced?

If you are still not convinced about joining Key Club you should come and see what it is like for yourself. Every Thursday at 7:30 AM Key Club meets in the school library. To find out more check out