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Maria Ruiz, Staff Writer

Salutations! I am Maria Ruiz. I am a sophomore this year, and I enjoy painting, traveling, writing, music, and reading. I also love my pets: my fish, cat, and parrot.

This year I hope to contribute enjoyable content to The Owl newspaper!!!

"Everything you can imagine is real." (Pablo Picasso)

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Christmas Interview

December 17, 2021

Christmas is a wonderful holiday many people enjoy. Family gets together to have a big or small with gifts for each other, but what matters is that we are all together and we remember this special holiday....

The Columbus Philharmonic: A tradition of excellence

The Columbus Philharmonic: A tradition of excellence

November 2, 2021

Do you enjoy attending events outside Seymour? Have you ever attended a live orchestra performance? The Columbus Philharmonic is the place for you.  Performing and rehearsing in Columbus, the philharmonic...

The Joy of Parrots

The Joy of Parrots

October 8, 2021

Owning a parrot is a true delight. A soft, feathery, and talkative companion to keep you company everyday is a joy. Especially African Grey parrots, which are among the most intelligent breed of parrots. Taking Responsibility African...

Lady Owls Golf

October 4, 2021

Practice makes perfect. The amazing Lady Owls golf team has excellent and encouraging players who love to golf. Golf takes a lot of time, patience, and practice.  The Lady Owls golf team is made up...

Do You Like a Mystery?

Do You Like a Mystery?

August 22, 2021

As the season changes the feeling changes, the season is becoming spooky. Are you a reader? Do you love a good mystery? If that is the case, sitting down with a good book on a breezy fall day will suit...

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Maria Ruiz