SHS Boys Golf


Maria Ruiz, Staff Writer

Time, patience, and practice. The SHS boys golf team is made of 13 outstanding golfers. 5 Freshman, 7 Juniors, and 1 Senior. Together, this team stands at 42-38. Their coach, James Hoffman, has answered the following questions about this 2021-2022 season.

SHS Boys Golf Team-2021-2022

  • Andon Self- 12
  • Trevor Alberring- 11
  • Emanuel Fontanez- 11
  • Braden Hinton-11
  • Oliver Kardos- 11
  • Jason Stuckwisch- 11
  • Noah Surface- 11
  • Kohnyr Warner- 11
  • Ethan Alberring-9
  • Brady Burgmeier-9
  • Trevor Goecker-9
  • Jay Herbert-9
  • Zachary Kriete-9

1. How has this golf season been?

Coach Hoffman replied, “Season has been good. We stand at 42-38.”

      2. What was one of the biggest challenges this season?

” Challenges early, was poor weather for the first month. Really worst than usual. Wet and extremely cold. We’ve had great balance this year with counting 4 of 5 scores.” Said Coach Hoffman.

The ideal golf weather is slightly cooler weather with low humidity and little to no breeze. Indiana weather is not always the best, however the boys golf team made it work through the rocky start.

3. What was surprising about this season? 

Coach Hoffman said, ”Foreign exchange student Oliver Kardos has been extremely important. He has had low 18 hole total of 84 and 9 hole 37.”

4. How well did the Freshman this year do? Along with the top players?

”Freshman are all beginners and have improved greatly. Senior Andon Self has improved significantly over the last 3 years.” Coach Hoffman replied.

As the Freshman are improving rapidly, this summer will help give them the opportunity to meet new goals for next years boys golf season. Since there is only 1 Senior on the team this season, it is time for the Juniors to take the lead for the 2022-2023 season.