Facts before the world cup final


Donovan Delgadillo, Staff Writer

The World Cup Final Facts

As the World Cup sprints to an end, Argentina and France wound up as the finalists for the World Cup. In the round earlier, Argentina defeated Croatia, and France took down the African underdogs of Morocco. But, even after Morocco’s heartbreaking defeat against France they still will play in the third place playoff but, will get to go home to a proud country and continent. And even with a loss, Morocco made history by becoming the first African country to make it to the semifinals of a World Cup. 

As the original favorites of the World Cup, Argentina stumbled in the beginning, but came to together, so now, they face one of the best French teams that we’ve ever seen. With Argentina’s team having good center backs, an incredible offense, but mediocre full backs and midfielders, Argentina’s players haven’t just been playing for their country but they’ve been playing for Messi as well. With this being Messi’s last World Cup the players want to earn Messi what he deserves. 

France has been the best team this tournament, with the only weakness they had coming in was the amount of players that they had injured with those being Paul Pogba, N’Golo Kanté, and Karim Benzema. But going forward into the final they cleared Benzema to play. As we wrap up, this final could prove to be one of the most memorable games of all time.