Truth of healthcare


Phoebe Hughel, Editor

Healthcare is a priority in society. When someone gets sick, they go to the doctor. When someone needs to have surgery, they go to the hospital. When someone gets too old to take care of themselves, they go to the nursing home. Healthcare is a staple and no matter what goes on in the world, it will always be a necessity.

During this pandemic of the corona-virus, healthcare workers have taken a tole. They are working longer hours to ensure the health of their patients. There are pictures floating around social media of nurses and doctors with bruising around their eyes and mouths from the pressure of the masks they have to wear to stay safe while taking care of those with this contagious virus.

Along with hospitals, nursing homes have to take precautions to keep residents safe. Since the corona-virus is more serious for the elderly, it is vital to keep the virus away. They have added restrictions that allow only employees who are wearing masks into the building. One the employees enter the building, they are not allowed to leave until their shift has ended. These employees have to take extra precautions when caring for their residents. Residents must stay in their rooms for meals. To practice social distancing, events have been canceled and activities are limited to a number of people. While doing these actives, residents must stay six feet apart.

Many companies, including luxury brands, are donating masks to keep workers safe. Masks and gloves are essential during this pandemic to take care of patients. The Fussy Pup located on 2nd street have started to make masks and are selling them to healthcare workers so they do not have to continue to use disposable masks. This not only benefits the healthcare workers, but it is benefiting the Earth from pollution these disposable masks can cause.

This pandemic has caused many changes in the healthcare industry. From having no visitations to possible quarantine for workers, it is a heroic job. In Seymour over 64 healthcare employees have been quarantined for possible contact with a patient who has the virus. This virus has made its way from China to Seymour. It is important to wash hands and not touch the T zone. Remember to practice social distancing, and do not go out unless it is necessary. Be smart and stay safe.