The Paranormal Exhibit at Speed Art Museum


Kayla Moriarty, Feature Editor

Over winter break, I visited the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky. The general exhibits were pieces from all cultures and periods, featuring artwork that dates back to the 1300’s. We also purchased tickets for the special exhibit, which changes frequently, and this time it was everything to do with the paranormal. That being a large umbrella term, art ranged from anything to alien encounters, spirituality, ghosts, and organized religion. There were also historical artifacts such as older means of communication with the alleged spiritual world. Seances and the idea of mediums, messengers who could communicate with the paranormal, arose in the early 1900’s. One large exhibit featured a collection of 1930’s means of communication such as a wooden ouija board, photographs of mediums, twine pendulums, and even an old spirit box. There was a section of artists who claimed to have seen what they believed to be God and tried to depict what they saw in their art. Another section had artists who claimed to be influenced by a spirit while creating art. Many art pieces fell under the spiritual category, featuring vibrant artwork of the human aura and energy. Aliens and extraterrestrial life seemed to be a hot topic as well, with sketches and frantic drawings of reported sightings. Unfortunately, this exhibit is not consistently at the museum, and these pieces come from several museums across the nation. However, the general museum is massive and easily takes a while to get through, featuring an unimaginable amount of work from all over the world. I highly recommend a visit to Speed Art Museum to see the fascinating art they feature.