Advice from Seniors


Robert Smith, Editor

I’m sure many of us thought school was a waste of time and we did not take it seriously until it was almost too late. We procrastinate passively as opposed to actively. We fail to turn in homework or simply do it in the first place. We take our education for granted without thinking of the future. I have compiled testimonies and advice from the senior class of 2019 to help freshmen, sophomores, and maybe even juniors reevaluate their views on education.

High School is one of the most important times of our lives. What we do now shapes our future in more ways than what you might think. Many colleges and scholarship opportunities start when you are a Freshman and if you slack off Freshman or even Sophomore year, those opportunities will become unavailable to you. Try to decide what you want to do in the future. What do I want to become? What do I want to do? How will I do it? Who am I? These are questions you should answer before Sophomore year or at the latest before the start of your Junior year.

Here is some of my own advice to you:

  • Take education seriously. Do your homework immediately so you do not get stressed about it.
  • Take classes that mean something to you. If your extra classes that are not mandatory for graduation do not help you in your career or further your education (or if the teacher cannot help you learn properly), drop them for ones that do.
  • If you are interested in Work-based Learning during Senior year, talk to your counselors!
  • Join clubs or sports that you are interested in. At least try it out if you’re unsure. It never hurts to try anything. (Except drugs, don’t try drugs kids.)
  • Plan out your options after high school. Research financing and other important aspects such as managing bills and money to prepare yourself.
  • Your teachers are human. They’ve been in your shoes before. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about your grades, assignments, and any other school related questions.
  • If you have personal things that you need to talk with someone about, do not forget about your counselors! They are here to help you succeed! You can also talk to any teachers that you trust.

Here are some advice and tips from members of the Senior class of 2019:

“Bro, just do your assignments like even if they are small, it helps your grades.” – Anonymous

“Don’t slack off, if you fall behind it’s IMPOSSIBLE to catch up,” – Connor Perry

“Do an internship your senior year! It’s the best way to gain experience in a career you’re interested in, or help you realize it’s something you don’t want to do before you get into college!” – Marissa Claire

“Just get your work done.” – Anonymous

“Turn in your late assignments. Half credit is better than no credit.” – Anonymous