Youth Empower Chapter Club

If you’re interested in social activism and trying to make your community better, consider joining SHS’s new club, Seymour’s Youth Empower Chapter. Our club will focus on educating and organizing girls to be prevalent members in their school, community, and democratic society!

Matty Wingler, Staff Writer

Interview with Chloe Shepherd about the Youth Empower Chapter Club!

What is this club all about?

“The club is to educate and teach girls how to be prevalent members of their school, community, and society. It is to teach them how to use their voice.”

When are the club meetings?

We will meet on the last purple day of each week, either a Thursday or Friday, in the Latin room, room 126. Our meetings will be during SRT. If you have any questions, you can email Chloe Shepherd or Magistra Schneider.

How and what are you going to teach them?

“There are a lot of websites we’re going to use and we’re gonna teach them how to stand up for themselves and their rights.”

What girls are you going to teach?

“Anyone that wants to come out. It doesn’t have to be just girls, it can be boys too.”

Do you think this club will be popular?

“Yes, because I think there is a new interest in feminism.”

By next year, do you think this club will grow?

“Yea, because I think once we establish what we are doing and what we stand for, I believe people will be more willing and interested.”