Save the bees


Phoebe Hughel, Staff Writer

Bees are pollinators that are vital for a healthy environment and economy. They help plants grow, breed, and produce the food that humans and animals eat such as: apples, mangoes, kiwi, plums, peaches, guava, okra, cashews, cactus, avocados, lima beans, coffee, green beans, walnuts, celery, lemons, limes, carrots, watermelon, coconut, tangerines, grapes, cherries, cocoa, eggplant, and the list continues from there. Foods that are viable for humans to be healthy are mostly help produced by bees.

In just the last ten years, over 40% of bee colonies have suffered from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). This means that some bees become so disoriented that they cannot find their way back home. They either die out of the hive, or the foot of their queen. The reason behind this happening is a pesticide. A study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) made a pesticide called clothianidin unacceptable for use and banned it. America uses this same pesticide on over 75% (about 143 million acres) of the crops. Two other pesticides called imidacloprid and thiamethoxam have been linked to bee death. All three of these pesticides are used extremely throughout America.

The purpose of bees is to not sting or scare humans. Bees pollinate our flowers and help our food grow. These small black and yellow insects can make or break the human world. While artificial food does exist, it is not good for the human body. The food we need (apart from meat) is found in fruits and vegetables. Without bees over 90% of them will no longer exist. While this may not seem like a big deal to some people, coffee will also become extinct. 83% of adults drink coffee on a daily basis. By simply stating that bees help make coffee beans grow and without them coffee will become extinct, adults will jump on the bandwagon to help save these creatures.

There are multiple things that can happen to help save the bees. Planting bee friendly flowers and not using chemicals for the lawn or garden can be a simple but huge step to help save bees. Another way is to buy products that help bees such as buying raw organic honey. There are also websites that sell merchandise in which some profits go to charities. sells clothes, bags, straws, hats, and other products in which every product a portion of the profit goes to charities. sell eco-friendly phone cases. Each phone case has a different cause in which profits can be sent.

Bees are quickly becoming endangered and need to be saved. Without bees the environment will not be able to function. Be kind to the insects who run our food source. is a charity that money can be donated to to help the cause.