Coronavirus Updates


Kendrick Sterling, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus is continuing to spread after starting in China, and then making its way into 23 other countries, including the United States. According to CBS News, the virus has affected more than 75,000 people and has killed more than 2,100. People have been traveling in and out of China and have taken the disease with them. There have been many quarantines put in place, including one where hundreds of people were on a cruise ship and the biggest outbreak of the virus occurred, outside of China. Some were allowed to leave the ship, but others were forced to remain in isolation. Over 100 passengers who remained on the ship, had to be hospitalized and are being kept in China for about two weeks until they will be given permission to return to the United States. Two people on the ship, both in their 80s died. As of this past Wednesday, February 19th, there have been about 621 cases detected on the ship.

People have been warned and have taken extreme measures to ensure themselves of not becoming contaminated. Extreme measures have been taken as many have worn hazmat suits, masks, and hair nets in hopes of staying coronavirus-free.

Also according to CBS News, the mayor of a South Korean city has taken precautionary measures in order to stay protected from the virus. The city of Daegu has a population of about 2.5 million people. Kwon Young-jin has urged all of the citizens of Daegu to remain inside until further notice. He even has gone as far as saying that wearing a mask inside would be best. He started to become nervous about how quickly the disease has spread so he called the central government in Seoul. Infection-control really worked on keeping the virus from spreading to adjacent towns. Nearby towns and the city of Daegu have reported 35 new cases of the coronavirus. Some of these cases were found because there were some people that attended a church that had previously been attended by a person that had the virus.

The coronavirus has been causing commotion all around the world. Officials are working to keep the people as safe as possible from this extreme illness.