High School Athletes are Being Excluded From Indiana’s Reopening

Kylee Nowling, Editor

Right now Indiana is undergoing a five-step plan in order to ease restrictions and reopen places. It is very controversial on whether we are going too fast or if these are the right steps to take. No matter what side you are on, we can all agree that these steps are looking over high school athletes. 

Everyone wants to keep athletes and coaches healthy, but why are they excluded from this new five-step plan? So many non-essential places are opening before high school sports. . Also, only 2.5% of people between 0-19 have been infected with Covid-19. As of right now, athletes can not practice on school property with their coach till after June 30. This is very problematic to fall sports who are used to practicing all summer. 

Want to know what places can open up and what restrictions are being eased before a group of 30 girls can practice on a soccer field? Gatherings of up to 100 people can occur, playgrounds and basketball courts can open, gyms can open, and community pools can open. All of these can begin after May 24, over a month before high school sports.

Sixteen days before high school sports can occur, another list of restrictions are being eased. Up to 200 people can gather, malls can open at full capacity, museums and aquariums can open at 50% capacity, and amusement and water parks can open at 50% capacity. 

This five-step plan Indiana has makes no sense when it comes to high school athletes. So many places can open where you would be more susceptible to get Covid-19, before athletes can practice. It does not make sense that I can gather with my 100 closest friends a month before practicing. There is no reason to exclude high school athletes from the five-step plan. I believe we should be involved in this phased reopening.