Coronavirus Updates


Kendrick Sterling, Staff Writer

Coronavirus cases have increased statewide, nationwide, and worldwide. As of today, September 9th, the United States has 6,328,099 cases with 189,699 deaths, according to The worldwide cases have increased to 27,607,616 with 898,284 deaths. The state of Indiana has 103,000 cases with 3,380 deaths. The unemployment rate, although not great, has decreased. In April of 2020 the unemployment rate was 14.7 percent. Now the unemployment rate is 8.4 percent.


According to, Marion County has the most cases in Indiana with 19,439 cases and 801 deaths. Warren County has the fewest number of cases amounting to 39 and one death.


According to, California has the most confirmed cases equaling 735,235 and 34,000 deaths. Vermont has the fewest cases with 1,651 confirmed cases.


According to, out of the 27,607,616 cases 19,881,039 people have recovered. 99 percent of all people infected are considered to be in mild condition, and only one percent are considered serious or critical. The United States has the most cases in the world, and India has the second most with 4,382,518. Out of the people infected in the U.S. 14,464 are considered to be critical.