Students win big money with the Maverick Challenge

Students win big money with the Maverick Challenge

Caley Monnier, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of the school year, Mrs. Jones’ Marketing class has been working diligently on the Maverick Challenge, a county-wide competition in which high school students plan and present metaphorical businesses. 

From brainstorming business ideas in August, to an executive summary in October, a slideshow in November, all the way to a final presentation in January, the Marketing class put immense effort into these business plans. Eight teams moved on in the initial round of the competition, which then had to give ten minute presentations to judges appointed by the Maverick Challenge. All of these teams earned a cash prize, totaling in over $7,000 in rewards for everyone. Out of the top 3 places, two of them were from Seymour High School. Congratulations to all of the teams that participated.

Sunset Vistas                            Maggie Connell, SHS                 $2,500

HealthHound                           Caley Monnier, SHS                   $1,550

All The World’s a Stage          Evan Rohlfing, BCHS                  $1,050

Carefree Grocery Center        Patrick McEnroe, SHS                $200

Discounted Sweat                   Brandon Tapia, SHS                   $200

Fashical                                     Allison Reynolds, BCHS             $200

Krafty Cow                               Natalie Morris, SHS                     $200

Krafty Cow                               Hunter Meredith, SHS                $200

Treasure Trackers                  Gracie Cartwright, SHS               $200

Treasure Trackers                  Erika Corya, SHS                          $200

Love Recovery Center           Damian Allman, SHS                   $100

Love Recovery Center           Charlie Tungate, SHS                  $100

NutriFit                                    Harrison Fleetwood, SHS           $100

NutriFit                                    JC Handloser, SHS                       $100

Onyx                                         Lucas McKinney, BCHS              $100

Maggie Connell, who placed first in the county competition, will be moving on to the regional competition later this year. It was quite the feat trying to organize this competition in a pandemic, but the class worked around it as well as it could, with quite amazing results. If you see any of these students in the hallways, congratulate them!