Plea for Power Hour- Opinion

Megan Smith, Staff Writer

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Wednesday September 6, Seymour High School started up power hour again for the 2017-2018 school year. Now although students don’t get it back fully, they can enjoy the hour long lunch/study time every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Power Hour means different things to different people. Some consider it a great opportunity time to study or make up a test after or before grabbing a bite to eat, others use it to roam the halls socializing and eating for the entire hour.

I personally enjoy power hour, and a lot of students here also enjoy it also. So, to the people fighting, leaving trash, or taking the elevator without a pass: Please, on behalf of those who love it, STOP doing those things! It is such a fun time to hang out with friends, eat lunch, and ask teachers for help on homework! Club meetings and extracurricular groups also can meet during this time to avoid the before and after school time constraints. 

Ultimately, I do not like regular lunch schedules, and neither do many other people. When I had regular lunch past years, I was so embarrassed because I was not sure who to sit with, but with Power Hour we get to make that choice and not have to sit alone. Even if you do not have friends or anyone to sit with you still have the opportunity to go to a class and get help from a teacher. Power Hour is just an amazing opportunity to get work done. Please use it appropriately.