Words are Strange: Hold

Words are Strange: Hold

Theo, Marketing and Photography

She’s giving up.

Letting It win,

allowing It control,

thinking she’s taking control.

But it’s not like that.

It holds us all,

Small and Large.

She doesn’t believe in After,

No pearls or flames,

Just empty space.

She’s giving up,

on herself.

Giving It power.

The struggle too much,

The pain too great.

She tells me.

Please don’t leave darling,

If you give up,

I’ll give up, too.

But I won’t let you give up.

I won’t let you push me away.

It doesn’t have hold,

let me hold you instead.

My shoulder yours to cry on.

My hands yours to hold.

I’m here so you can let go.

Let go of It.

Of the pain,

Of the past.

Just hold on to me.